Our Team

    • Message from Chairman

      Bishnu Bahadur K.C.,Former Auditor General
      It gives me a tremendous amount of gratification to introduce CIM to you all - Students, Parents and our well -wishers. CIM is earnestly established with a broader aim of providing quality and hands on education and training to prospective students both on technical (CA) and non-technical (soft skills) areas of knowledge skills/development.

      We, at CIM, are well-positioned and determined to bridge the existing gulf prevalent in education and training industry in terms of genuine care, nurturing and total personality development of our valued students. Chartered Accountancy (CA) being a highly prestigious and rewarding profession, I would like to cordially invite interested students and parents to visit our office to assess our strengths and explore the opportunities that we offer for best seekers of quality education especially in the field of CA.
    • Message from Chief Executive Officer

      Ganesh Joshi
      With a sense of great pleasure and humbleness, I present CIM-a center for excellence in learning-to you all. We, at CIM , caters to the exacting needs and requirements of our students in order to produce humane, mature and technically competent human resources -CAs in specific. We have it all what it takes to students reach their final educational destiny.

      It is our unshakable commitment to impart quality education and training on our prospective students, with the state -of- the- art technology and infrastructure in place, we are all set to welcome our prospective CA students. We urge you- the students- to pay us a visits prior to making any decision regarding your CA studies.
    • Message from Academic and Research Director

      Mr. Mahesh Poudel
      Counselor of corporate English trainer
      On Grooming a Humane CA
      Though CA, by its nature, is highly technical area of professionalism, it cannot be denied that its market consist of humane expectation, where one cannot overrule moral, ethical and spiritual components. Highly technical education, of late, have started incorporating psychological and inter-personal training so that a professional in a completely scientific, monetary or technical field too is conscious of the human element that is inevitably present everywhere. I, therefore, believe that the CAs too, in spite of the sheer technicality of the field, needs to be aware of such humane expectations from their clients.

      Chaitanya is well aware of this imperative. It has, therefore, decided to incorporate such socializing initiatives to its programs. We train students in areas like good communication skills, community outreach and social services, philanthropic and charity missions, public speaking and creative writing, leadership development, immediate problem-solving and decision- making skills and such other soft skills required for them to excel in the human world later.

      Come to us and discover the infinite human potential inside you!
    • Message from Program Director

      Mr. Ranjit Kumar Yadav
      It is my tremendous pleasure to state that your search for CA education has gotten you to Chaitanya Institute of Management. Discovering the right organization for your professional and academic excellence can be a challenging process when there are a variety of options. It’s my desire to help you decide if Chaitanya is the organization that you can place your belief in.

      Since its establishment, Chaitanya has been at the forefront on imparting quality services in academic research program, Public Service Commission, Professional Training & Quality CA education. For the last two years Chaitanya has been continuously focusing on the Chartered Accountancy course with all of its’ efforts and commitment to deliver eminent service on chartered accountancy profession. You are welcome to take a trip of our classrooms, library, seminar hall and actual features which will support to improve your chance to learn at Chaitanya.

      Hopefully, your quest for a reliable, professional and academic institution for CA education ends here at Chaitanya. I look forward to helping you achieve our goals and nurturing your dreams for successful career ahead.
      Welcome to you All.