Section Officer Preparation Class (2nd And 3rd Paper) January 09, 2023

Project to Prepare Public Administration for State Reforms (PREPARE), implemented by Ministry of General Administration (MoGA) and funded by UNDP and Jointly in collaboration with Chaitanya Institute of Management  has successfully conducted preparation classes of Section officer 2nd and 3rd Paper Preparation Course. Chaitanya institute insure that, this Preparation Class helps to access the reach of marginalized groups i.e. Dalit, Madhesi, Janajati, Women in Civil Service reform. 

The duration of the Preparation class was 1 week . The available Resource Person were;

1. Mr. Kiraj Sharma, Joint Secretary, MoGA

2. Mr. Nanda raj Gyawali, Under Secretary, MoGA

3. Mr. Bishal Sapkota, Section Officer, MoGA

 The Total Participants were 36 who were selected on the basis of marginalized group from their perspectives background.

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- CIM Admin