• About Chaitanya Research Center

      The Research Wing of Chaitanya Institute of Management (CIM) is a brainchild of CIM, a premier academic and social organization that has been working in the field of human resource development for the past three years. Besides imparting training and orientation to the potential candidates to shape their future, CIM has been working to shape general and intellectual opinion on crucial issues of national life including development and policy formulation. As part of its social responsibility, it has reached out to several underprivileged communities in Nepal and contributed towards alleviating their worries and concerns.
      Boosted by kind and considerate support from experts of various important fields of national life, CIM felt motivated to institute a research wing in January 2016. Its experience of conducting field research and survey in the past in collaboration with several governmental and non-governmental departments and agencies further motivated it to move ahead. We therefore founded this Research Wing with an objective to conducting independent researches in various sectors including education, human resource, development, policy formulation, security, economy, administration, governance, agriculture, energy, politics, gender equality etc. Through these researches and their documentation and analysis, we want to involve the best-known think tanks of this nation and reach to the core realities in these areas, identify sectors of direct intervention and act accordingly, or formulate suggestions and recommendations and submit them to the concerned agencies. We believe that the presence of highly proficient and experienced experts will enable us to handle these tasks with high degree of proficiency and reliability.
      We conduct researches on issues and areas we identify ourselves or collaborate with other agencies if our expertise and coloration is sought.
    • Our Vision

      We envision that within half a decade from now, the existing discrepancy between policies and the outcome of their implementations in Nepal, both in public and private sectors, is minimized. We also envision that our research and constant engagement with issues of national concern, albeit from our private initiatives, equips us with the most reliable data, on the basis of which, we shall be able to prepare the most eminent think-thank that can direct the policy makers and the state at large with the best expert suggestion where and when needed.
    • Our Objective

      • To develop ourselves as one of the most scientific and reliable research agencies in Nepal
      • To prepare a manpower that is well-equipped with technical and intellectual know-how related with research, both qualitative and quantitative, along with analysis, reporting, documentation and publication
      • To prepare an archive of the most updated and reliable data on some of the prioritized sectors of national life so that they can be used where and when required by anyone concerned
      • To bind together the best minds of the country and keep engaging them with issues of national concern through our research, analysis and publication of our outcomes
      • To develop ourselves as a consortium of the most trustworthy think tank and group of advisors in almost all the vital aspects of national life
    • Our Research Areas

      • Public Administration
      • Economy and Finance
      • Trade and Commerce
      • Agriculture
      • Language
      • Literature and Culture
      • Security
      • Energy
      • Politics
      • Education
      • Development
      • Youth Affairs
      • Health and Sanitation
      • Environment
      • Horticulture
      • Gender Equality
      • Women Empowerment
      • Children’s Affairs
      • History
      • Law and Constitutional Affairs
      • Conflict Transformation and Peace
      • International Relations
      • Corruption
    • Our Team of Research Experts

      Dr. Bimal Prasad Koirala
      Former Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary to the Government of Nepal, Dr. Koirala is an eminent economist, bureaucrat and administration specialist. A Master in Environmental Management from Duke University, USA and Master in Economic Policy, University of Texas at Austin, USA, he earned his Ph.D. in Economic Policy from University of Dortmund, Germany.His experience of several decades in the government, and his engagement with several national and international agencies after his retirement has made him one of the brightest intellectual figures of our country. He is the chief of our team of research experts.
      Dr. Jagdish Chandra Pokharel
      Former Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal Dr. Pokharel is an eminent economic and development expert. He has held several high level public positions, including a double-term service as the Vice-Chairman of Planning Commission, (2006-2008 and again from 2010 to 2013), and a member of the commission from 1997-2002. He was also the Vice-Chairperson of the High Level Committee on Least Developed Countries. As head of the Planning Commission, he led the design of Nepal’s national development plan for the post-conflict reconstruction and development.
      Prof. Dr. ShreekrishnaShrestha
      Senior Professor of Management at Tribhuvan University, Prof. Dr. ShreekrishnaShrestha has the experience of teaching for several years at the Central Department of Public Administration. He has been advisor to the government of Nepal on several management-related issues, and is an acclaimed trainer and avid researcher himself.
      Dr. Ram KrishnaTimalsina
      Dr. Timalsena is an acclaimed laywer of Nepal with several years of experiences in legal sector. He completed MCL in Corporate Law in 1992 and obtained a PhD degree in Law (Right to Information) in 2002 from University of Delhi. Over the years, he has worked in various senior positions in the Nepalese judicial system. At the Supreme Court, he worked in the capacity of Registrar. He is equally involved in teaching and has taught Business Law, Media Law etc., in various colleges of Nepal. He has also been a Guest Instructor in several institutes namely, Judicial Service Training Center (1984-2002), Nepal Administrative Staff College, Kathmandu (1990-2002), Revenue Administrative Training Center, Kathmandu (1990-2002), Police Academy (1998-2002) and World Wildlife Federation, New Delhi, India (2001).
      Leelamani Paudyal
      Former Chief Secretary to the Government of Nepal, Mr. Paudyal is a renowed bureacrat and social worker. With an exeplary work record during his tenure in office, Mr. Paudyal has laid strong foundation of clean administration with his personal efforts. His contribution towards clean and corruption-free administraion, positve motivation, constructive social transformation and environmental conservation have become miletones for general Nepali populace.
      Mr Pratap Kumar Pathak
      Pratap Kumar Pathak, an expert of managerial finance by training, has served the government of Nepal for about four decades now at various capacities including Secretary to various ministries including Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Irrigation, Ministry of General Administration and Ministry of Industries. A government consultant and expert on various areas of development, Mr. Pathak has the experience of working at local levels of administration as Local Development Officer and District Development Officer as well. An advisor to Management Development and Training Centre, Mr. Pathak has led several research programs, and is himself an ardent researcher. Several times, he has represented Nepal, or has led Nepalese team to international seminars on Development, Gender Equality, Women and Children’s Affairs, Migration, Risk Reduction etc. Presently, he is an Expert Consultant, Preparation of Master Plan on Sports Development under Ministry of Youth and Sports, Expert Director, Nabil Bank Ltd., and Team Leader, Preparation of National Umbrella Guidelines on Gender Based Violence, National Health Sector Support Program, under Ministry of Health and Population.
      Dr. Tikaram Poudel
      Associate Professor of English at Kathmandu University, Dr. Poudel holds PhD in linguistics from Tribhuvan University and post-doctoral degree from Konstanz University, Germany. A gold-medalist in linguisitcs, he has taught at Tribhuvan Univesity and Kathmnadu University in Nepal and Konstanz University in Germany and had led several linguistic researches from Asia and Europe His researches have been published by Lincom Europe, Germany. A polyglot, Dr. Poudel specializes in computational linguistics and is an avid researcher himself.
      Dr. Narendra Raj Paudel
      Dr. Paudel is lecturer at Central Department of Public Administration, Public Administration Campus, Tribhuvan University since 2008. He did his PhD from Tribhuvan University in 2012. He has been teaching Development Management and Public Administration at this Campus. Right now, he has been coordinating Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil.) at Central Department of Public Administration. He has authored two books which include Development Management and Public Policy Implementation. He has also authored half dozen book chapters which were published from abroad. His articles were appeared in Social Process and Nepalese Journal of Public Policy and Governance, peer review journals. In addition, he has published two dozens of articles in national and international journals. He presented his research work in more than two dozens international conferences. His research interest includes public policy implementation, development management, local governance, gender and health governance. He can be reached at
      Mahesh Paudyal
      Mahesh Paudyal is a creative writer, translator and a critic. He has published a collection of short stories for adults, and six novels, a collection of plays and two collections of stories for children. He has translated more than fifteen books from Nepali to English, the most important of them being Dancing Soul of Mount Everest, a collection of 350 poems. He has one book of criticism to his credit, besides several research paper and critical articles published in scrap. He is a regular faculty at the Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University, and a visiting faculty at IACER, Pokhara University, and School of Education, Kathmandu University. He is working as a Research Director in Chaitanya Institute of Management. He is a recipient of Acharya Narendramani Dixit Memorial Gold Medal from TU, and Nepal Vidyabhusan from the President of Nepal.
      Purushottam Ojha
      Former Secteary, Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, Govt. of Nepal, Mr. Ojha too has served the nation as Joint Secretary in the same ministry and as Chairman, Nepal German Chamber of Commerce and Industries. An expert of trade, commerce and supplies, Dr. Ojha has had an expereince of several decades in this field, and has made significant contributions in streamlining the trade and commerce sector of Nepal. He has led several high-level delegations of Nepal to many countries in the world.
      Dr. Khet Raj Dahal
      Dr. Khet Raj Dahal is the Head of Department, Department of Civil Engineering, Kathmandu University. A Ph.D. in Environmental Science/Engineering, from Kathmandu University, Nepal he also holds the degree of M.Sc. in Sanitary Engineering, Branch: Water Supply, Sewerage, Rational Uses and Protection of Water Resources, from St. Petersburg Institute of Civil Engineering. He been an import controbutor to several publications and journals on issues related with civil engineering and water resource.